Hold Harmless

A large part of this blog features posts that involve power tools that can seriously harm you.  In fact, if you read the product manuals, you may never plug one in and use it because they warn you on every page that it can at the least, cut off a body part and at the worst, kill you.  This is the section where I am going to tell you the same thing–power tools are dangerous and there is a risk every time you plug one in.  If you follow any of the advice, tutorials, or inspiration contained in this blog and are injured, I cannot be held responsible or liable.

I am not a professional.  This blog is a documentation of my learning curve in the world of woodworking and DIY, and is for entertainment purposes only.  I am not trying to offer you professional advice.  Although I do think that I use safe measures (I do, after all, value all of my fingers and toes) I will repeat:  I am not a professional.  Please understand that you are reading and using any and all information contained in this blog at your own risk.

Did I mention that I’m not a professional?  What you read here on the blog may not be the BEST way, but it is the way that worked for me at the time.  I may do it differently today than I did then.  The projects on this blog were a part of an evolution of learning.  I hope that they show someone else that they too can DIY, even if they don’t know it all when they begin.

Copyright Policy

I am the legal copyright owner of all the content contained in this blog, unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to link to this blog, and to discuss its contents in a way that is respectful. You may not duplicate, copy, or reproduce any photographs, articles, or material on this blog without the permission of the owner. You are free to link to articles on this blog and include one image of a project or space without permission as long as you include the blog’s full name and hyperlink.

Ads + Ad Networks

The ads that appear on the blog are part of a network, which means I have little control over what shows up.  If something feeds into a spot that is inappropriate content, I would appreciate being told so that I can take action to block it.

Sponsors + Affiliates + Ads

Sometimes I love a product so much that I talk about it on the blog because I think you need to know about it.  I provide an affiliate link because if you buy it, I get a percentage of the sale and you didn’t have to spend a penny more on the item.  It is win-win ONLY because I will never compromise my integrity to make a buck–I would find it hard to sleep at night to recommend products to you that I didn’t believe in.  And I get crabby when I don’t get enough sleep.  I also believe in full disclosure–if there is an affiliate link in the post, you will know that it is there.

Sponsoring advertisers may appear in the sidebar on all pages, and are businesses endorsed by Pink Toes and Power Tools for the quality of their merchandise or service.  In order to appear, the advertisers pay a monthly rate.

I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. If you buy a product of service based upon a link from my blog, you must take action with that exact company to resolve any issues.  I would, however, like to know about the issue.  I do not want to promote a product or company that does not serve my readers.

Privacy Statement

I hate spam.  Your personal information will never be shared by me.   However, I am not responsible for the privacy practices of my advertisers or blog commenters.

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Letters to the Editor

I love comments and mail from my readers.  I love the questions and suggestions.  I love the pictures of the projects they have completed using my tutorials.  It absolutely makes my day every time I get mail from someone reading  my blog.  If you choose to comment or send me mail, sometimes I will use what was written in a future blog post, because if you’ve got the question, chances are someone else does too.  I may quote you and I may use the pictures you send me so others can be inspired.  Unless I have permission to use your full name, I only include your first name so that you remain anonymous.

Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the focus of this blog, to shut it down, sell it, or to change the terms of use at my own discretion.