One Big Reason I Chose a Dewalt Cordless Drill…Again

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One big reason I chose a Dewalt cordless drill again

Did you know that the cost of replacement batteries for your cordless drill run as much as an entirely new drill set, if not more?? That’s why I was a little bummed when my beloved Dewalt’s cordless drill batteries–the very first power tool that was all mine–were starting to sputter and not hold their charge very well anymore. I was bummed UNTIL I realized the silver lining in spending that money! That silver lining is…

The one big reason I chose a Dewalt cordless drill…again.

One big reason I chose a Dewalt cordless drill again

Sandra over at showed a tutorial a few years ago, and she was using TWO drills so that she didn’t have to change out the drill and driver bits. I was still trying to build up even the basic power tools I needed–I had to erase from my brain even the idea of two drills at that point, no matter how convenient it would be. Spending the money on a second drill when I needed more clamps…and a shelf pin jig…and the Kreg Rip Cut… It was smart to wait, and I probably still wouldn’t have gotten a second drill even now, unless I had to.

Two Dewalt drills for the Kreg Jig drill and driver bits

This simple tip will make using the Kreg Jig (affiliate link) and pocket holes even faster and easier! I use this jig on almost every single project I put together. I highly recommend it and I am really psyched about not having to switch out the drill bit for the driver bit all the time.

If I buy Dewalt replacement batteries, at Home Depot it will cost my $89 for one battery and $119 for two. A new Dewalt drill set includes the drill, two batteries, a charger, and a soft-sided bag for $99. Hmmm, what to do? What to do? Obviously a new set makes the most financial sense (environmental is another story). On right now, the replacement batteries and the Dewalt drill set (affiliate link) are each $99, but you get all the extra goodies with the drill set.

Dewalt cordless drill set with two batteries, charger, and bag

What this gets me is TWO batteries.   I can use one in my old drill and one in the new Dewalt drill and not have to change out the drill and driver bits!! Note: I just bought this drill on The current description doesn’t include the bag, but says it does include a kit box–it also includes a double-ended screwdriver bit which I didn’t get with my new drill.

You see, I have recently had to upgrade a few of my tools. I even managed to purchase a brand new tool box to keep in the garage when working on our cars. Nowadays, there are so many different types of tool boxes out there that choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky! Fortunately, I was able to read this portable tool box (review) and other online articles to narrow down my search and find the best tool box for my needs.

Anyway. I. am. excited. about. this!!

I did love having a fully charged battery at-the-ready with my old drill, so that once my current battery went dead I’d slap in the new one.  I could charge the depleted one without skipping a beat. I will have both chargers though, so I can charge both batteries at once as well. They are quick charging–one hour. I’ll have to be strategic with my time, but the convenience will be AWESOME!

The only thing better than one Dewalt cordless drill is two!

One big reason I chose a Dewalt cordless drill again

I am a big fan of and I have found time and time again that their prices are lower or comparable to the box stores and I love not having to leave the house to get the goods. I am an Amazon Prime user myself and I have found their customer service top-notch.

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What about you? Are you brand loyal or do you use a rainbow of brand colors on your projects? Have you ever considered the possibilities of two drills? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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