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Awhile back, a reader contacted me and expressed her frustration with getting accurate cuts with a saw.  Getting accurate cuts with a saw is a huge part of building square, which is a huge part of a successful project, and let’s face it–it makes putting together a project so much more enjoyable and less frustrating!  It is a skill that is easy to learn and important to master, so I recommend that you practice precise cuts every time you make a cut, even when the project does not require accurate cuts with a saw such as the Fresh Eggs sign I made for our kitchen.  You want to make it automatic every time you plug in a saw.

A video on how to get accurate cuts with a saw

After I read her email, I wrote up the post How to Get Accurate Cuts With a Saw, Every Time.  If you want to read about the process and see pictures of each step, that post is your ticket to getting accurate cuts with a saw.  If you’d like to see it all in action, I did a video, which I’m including below.

In both the video and the blog post, I used a miter saw.  The principle is the same for any saw you use, but if you are using a circular saw to make your cuts, you need something to guide the saw in a straight line.  You can read about how I constructed a straight edge jig for a circular saw in the link and see it in action in the video I made about how to cut plywood with a circular saw.  This is a special circumstance with this kind of saw, because if you are running the saw along a straight edge, the saw plate is running along the edge of your straight edge guide, not your blade.  That means your blade is inches away from where you want to be cutting.  By making the straight edge jig that is specific for your saw, you can line up your jig with your cutting line and it cuts it perfectly every time following the steps that I outline in the post and the video about cutting with a circular saw.

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