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When planning the Dining Room/Home Office, I knew that I would have built-ins that meet in a corner, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to solve that problem in a way that was visually appealing.  So like any good DIYer, I decided to just start and deal with it once I got to that part of the build.  Luckily it worked out!

Dining Room Built-ins Full Room View

I ended up solving the problem using some braces like so:

Brace for corner board 1

I used scrap 3/4″ plywood for the braces and the Kreg Jig and pocket holes to attach the braces.  I assembled the entire left side out in the garage except for the moulding at the bottom.  So the left side and right side are the same: a 1×2 face frame running vertically up the sides of the cabinets/shelf, a piece of 3/4″ plywood behind the face frame, and 4 braces holding the 3/4″ plywood snug against the face frame. In order for the corner to fit perfectly, I put up both sides–left side completed already and braces attached to the right side ready for the 3/4″ plywood board to slide in. I put a piece of 3/4″ plywood between the brace and the face frame in front of the brace as I was attaching the braces, so that the brace was the right space back from the face frame in order to slide the board in.

Corner where cabinets meet 1After both of the pieces were in their permanent place, I measured how wide the 3/4″ board needed to be that needed to slide in the spot.  It has to be slightly less than this measurement (taking into account the area behind the face frame) so you have room to angle it back behind the face frame and slide it into place.  I also marked where the braces were on the board so that I could use my nail gun to attach the board to the braces.  The right board butts up to the left board to make a nice corner.  Caulk makes it look perfect.

where corner meet in a built in shelves 1

The final touch was adding the 1×3 boards to the base.

I had some comments about losing the space in the corner for storage.  In our first house, which was severely lacking in storage areas, I would never have opted to lose the corner in this built-in.  When we built this house, we over-compensated for the lack of storage in our first house, so I really didn’t need to figure out a way to utilize the space I ended up losing.  If I were wanting to use that space, I would have considered using Ana-White.com’s Base Blind Corner Cabinet plans. She has other options for corners on her website as well if you look in her kitchen cabinet plans.  Sandra over at SawdustGirl.com wrote a post on how she utilized all the space in the corner cabinet as well.  You have got to check out what she came up with–it’s pretty involved but also genius!

This is probably the part I stressed about the most for this project, before I started building it, because I just couldn’t figure out how that was going to work during the planning.  I think the decorative detail in the corner ended up tying  in great with the decorative features I added on the sides of all the cabinets.

What would you have done–stressed about the decorative detail in the corner like I did,  or butted up two pieces of plywood in there and called it a day?

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