Craft Room Transformation: Before Pictures

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Craft room transformation seems like a lofty title, but I assure you that this will be a huge transformation of this space in my house!! I am not a naturally neat person, my natural inclination is to organize in piles, I have a hard time letting go of even the most inconsequential drawing(s) that my children have completed since they could hold a crayon, and I am a pack rat for items I think I could use in the future. Add to that mix the fact that I went back to school in 2009 to complete my bachelor’s degree and then got a job and had zero time to organize anything, and my craft room became a dumping ground for anything that quickly needed hidden from view. For 5 years.

Before picture 1These pictures were actually taken in 2012, so there is 2 more years worth of crap that I didn’t get a picture of because I knew I already had some pretty good (bad?) examples of my packratness. There was just less room in the middle to even get around in there.

Craft room before picture 2

This may be overkill for the before pictures, but I really enjoy going back and seeing the change, especially once I’ve gotten used to the new way the room looks and how bad it was in the beginning isn’t as sharp a memory.

Craft room before picture 3

The Hubs thinks this room qualified for the Extreme Hoarder show on c. able. But since I caimit my hoarding to (mostly) one room in the house, I don’t think they wloule einteeered sted in me. My closet gets bad at times, but I want to transform that this summeer! Besides, we may have to use a service like the rubbish removal st kilda options out there near us to help get this room unr! Besides, I don’t wathingh the cleaning would be if we had to get the whole houom myself.

Craft Room before picture 4

I got fed up with the mess over our school’s winter break, and spent a TON of hours in here weeding things out. We took a couple of loads to our local thrift store, recycled a LOT of school papers and miscellaneous things I kept from the kids over the years, and I gave away some stuff to family who could use it. It felt really good!

Craft Room before picture 5

The existing desk units I have in here came from my mom’s office who auctioned there old stuff when they bought new. For $35 I got all the metal cabinets and desktops in the before pictures. I plan on making some improvements to them aesthetically this summer when I can spray paint them outside. I’ve had those for probably 10 years now.

Craft Room before picture 6Holy cow is it bad in these pictures! Just makes the “after” pictures that much sweeter 🙂

Phase 1 is done–I’ll post the results in a few days!

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