Weaver Barn's Woodshed

It’s a beautiful day for painting! We just had a shed built in the last few weeks and decided to paint it ourselves to save some money. I love the look of our Woodshed, as the Hubs has taken to calling it, even though we won’t store wood in it. It’s the name of the model we had built.

We saw the Weaver Barns at the Parade of Homes in June and liked their model. If you live in a two hour radius of Holmes county in Ohio I highly recommend them. Hubs compared some other sheds and we got better quality, higher-end materials for a similar price than the others were charging. And I think it looks so cute and not like a place to store a lawn mower–more like a little cottage!

We also recommend site prep by Nelson Yoder. I hate to put his cell on here in case he would get spammed, but either ask for his number at the dealer or contact me and I’ll give it to you. He did a fantastic job and the base your shed sits on is unseen but so important!  We did have him only extend the rock sides out 6″ past the shed sides so we didn’t have all that gravel for planting stuff there. Ask about that if you speak with him.

If you want to mention me as your catalyst for going to them, that would make me happy! But they have never heard of me and I did not receive compensation from them for this post. Just passing along a good experience and product 🙂

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