Dining Room/Home Office {The Reveal}

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Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

I knew turning the dining room into a home office/dining room was going to be a big project, I just didn’t know it was going to be a big, BIG project. Ignorance was bliss, until I was in it too far to turn back! I don’t know that I will ever take on a project this big again (thankfully there aren’t that many this size on the to-do list!). But here I am 2.5 months, 14 door and drawer fronts, 16 hinges, 1 gallon of primer, 1.75 quarts of polycrylic and 5 days where I thought “this is the day that I will finish” only to end the day “not finished” I am finally on the “done” side of the build. And I’m happy. REALLY happy! All of the “what ifs” and unknowns are neatly tied up in a bow and all I have to do is fill up the cabinets and style the bookshelves. Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

The biggest stress for me throughout the entire build was that inside corner where the two units meet. I just couldn’t visualize what would look the best for that spot until I actually had most of it constructed. And even then I wasn’t sure. I’m really pleased with the end result.

Dining Room Home Office built ins desk view

The middle part of the desk that looks like a face frame is actually a pencil drawer. I hadn’t decided whether I was including that until the very last part of the project, but I’m glad I did. I’ll show you how I made the drawer in another post.

Dining Room Home Office built ins shelf view

The right cabinet under the shelves has a charging station in it that I am loving also. I’ll show more details in a later post. Couldn’t wait to get the reveal up, so the detail shots will have to wait!

Dining Room Home Office Built Ins left side

I’m a file-drawer junkie, so the two bottom drawers are both hanging file drawers. Lot of room for organizing, gotta love that!

Dining Room Home Office right side

Dining Room Home Office built ins full view

If you recall, we don’t have much time to sit back and enjoy the fact that this is finished this year–I’ve got one graduating this spring, eek! I’ve already moved on to trying to pick out a table, chairs, and rug for this room to really finish it up.

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