It has been extremely hot here in Ohio. Extremely. Hot. So when you are out in the garage plugging in power tools in weather like this, you must stay hydrated or you are not going to feel good! Here’s a drink I’ve kept on hand that tastes way better than plain water and makes it easier for me to drink enough to compensate for sweating. I hate plain water,  but I like this.



Squeeze a lemon slice into your container.  Mine is 20 ounces. Add 5 or 6 drops of stevia (mine are plain,  no flavor). Add 1/32 if a teaspoon (not a typo!). I’m not a huge fan of stevia as a sweetener on its own,  but it does a great job of enhancing the sweetening power of just a little sugar. And I have a huge sweet tooth!  Add water and shake.

I drink a ton more water since I started making this. Hope this helps you beat the heat and keep working in the garage while the weather is warm steaming hot!

It has been a little slow going on the dining room project for a sad reason. I’ve spent the last few days helping when I can on funeral arrangements. If you could say a prayer for Grandma June I’d be grateful. She was a warm, loving woman with a great sense of humor, and will be missed…

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