Dining Room/Home Office {The Plans}

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Dining Room Plans Desk Drawing

I know I overthink my projects before I even buy the first board. I know I do it and I can’t help it. Every time I tell myself to not be so uptight about the plans. And every time I spend hours and hours drawing up every aspect of it.

Oh well! Here’s evidence of my problem. I didn’t scale down the size of the photos so you could click on them to get a larger size if you want to look closer.

Once again a disclaimer–I can’t guarantee that these dimensions or plans will work since I modify and discover mistakes as I go along. Although you’d think with the time I spend on these they would be perfect…most often they end up not perfect.

Dining Room Plans Desk Drawing

I spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out the way I can cut for least waste. That means my shelves generally end up being 12.5″ deep–11.75 board width with a .75 face front. That way I can get 4 equal rips down a sheet of plywood. Remember that you have to allow for the kerf when making accurate cuts.

Dining Room Plans Shelf Unit Drawing

Even after pouring over these things like I did, when I was going over it a final time, I realized that I didn’t have 4 boards accounted for! Hence the small 2×4 piece of plywood in the middle top of the diagram.

Dining Room Plans Cut List

Generally I take off a portion of the bottom of the board if it is going to waste, rather than just ripping down the length of the board to the end. You can see that in the top 3 diagrams. If you are staining your piece it might not work well for you (never done it myself) since you want the grain to look right. I plan on painting this project. But if it is a shelf, you could get away with that.

Dining Room Plans Cut list plywood backs

When I got to the plywood backs I had to do some refiguring so I didn’t have to buy 7,000 sheets of it. Or around that many. It meant the unit would be less wide, but not by much. The 25 x 29.5 wouldn’t fit on one sheet, so I modified it so it would. That meant refiguring the numbers on the cut sheet with the highlights, so I hope they end up ok!

Dining Room Plans Assembly Drawing

I generally have to draw out my assembly plan. It makes me feel better. And I also did some finagling with the shelves so that I didn’t need another sheet of 3/4″ plywood. We’ll see how it works out. I think it should work, but it is not unusual for me to be wrong and then have to come up with something on the fly.

Dining Room Plans Figuring out Dimensions

Don’t know why these didn’t come out full size, but it is just me figuring out my dimensions. I write out each step and why, because a lot of times I work on these and then set them aside for weeks at a time. When I come back to them, I don’t know what my thinking was, and I feel like I need to start over. This eliminates that feeling.

Dining Room Plans wall dimensions

I just did this sheet for the first time on this project because there were a lot of factors I needed to consider. I spent a lot of time figuring out how much room I needed for an open laptop on a desk, knee height, etc. Writing them down in one spot, one time, was super helpful.

I’m a hanging-file-folder junkie. I love them. So naturally I need one or two in the office! I’m hoping this works based on the measurements I got off an existing file drawer we have in the house. I think I have another sheet with drawer scribbles on it, but I think you get the idea about how much time I spend planning!

Dining Room Plans File Drawer & Cut Diagram

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