Dining Room Built Ins {The Before Pictures}

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Dining Room Before Picture

I’ve had plans to change our dining room into an office/den/project area for a long time now.  We actually went out to a kitchen cabinet place with the intention of them pricing out unfinished wood cabinets for the room year ago–long before I ever picked up a circular saw.  I was going to paint them myself to try to save some money, but it was still going to be several thousand dollars for what we wanted.  I’m glad we held off on it, because I think what I’ve come up with is way more usable for our family.  All of that was before I was blogging and way before I was woodworking.  So it sat like this.  For 13 years.

Dining Room Before Picture Full Room

It is embarrassing.   Thirteen years this room has been sitting waiting to be finished.

Dining Room Before Picture Stair Wall

Nothing on the walls but paint.

Dining Room Before Picture Window Wall

And windows.  I do love the windows.  Until I have to wash them all.

Dining Room Before Picture Kitchen Wall

This table was an antique when I sat at it at age 5, went to a relative’s house when we moved when I was 8, and back to me when I was 29 since we had a dining room with nothing in it at that point.  Besides the windows and paint, it is the only thing that has been in the room.  For 13 years!!!  Incidentally, my cousin wants it when we move it out of here–she lived in the house with the table for the 21 years it wasn’t with me 🙂

Dining Room Before Picture

This is where the magic is hopefully going to happen.  I’m planning built-ins for this corner.  I don’t have a desk and I have been using this room for several years now–first with a fold up table in the corner while I completed my online degree, and then this table when I started blogging.  The problem is that there are no drawers, only a flat surface that I have problems not covering with anything and everything that comes and goes from the house.  What is on it right now is pretty tame.  In fact, I would call that neat and tidy compared to other times in our home’s history.  The Hubs would not.

So it is time for a desk and some built-ins in the Dining Room!

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