I finally got my rear in gear and I’m making sawdust again.  I mentioned that I had a big project in the works, and I’ve had a really hard time pulling the trigger on this one and getting started.  I’ve went back and forth on the design MANY times and every time I had a ping of doubt, it set me back a week or two.

But there is now sawdust in the garage again!

I cut up the plywood into boards the other day with my Kreg Rip Cut.  Love that thing, but I will remind you once again to make sure your blade guard swings freely once you have the Rip Cut attached.  I’m aware of it and thought I had it on good and it was still catching.  Please double check this on yours!!!  I also had a glitch in the middle of the cutting when I needed a new blade for the circular saw and had to run out and get one, but now that I am actually started, I am really excited about getting this project done and seeing the results.

I’ve been hard at work with designs for this room, but also I’ve been working hard on other aspects of my life–like getting the house in some semblance of clean after starting back to work this year, and fighting 40+ years of gravity and jelly beans in our home “gym”.  I’ve also been trying to drink more water.  I’ve got a special plastic bottle I carry around with me with a lemon slice that has helped, but one day I could not find it anywhere.  I probably wasted a good 30 minutes wandering around all the places I had been that day so far and then stomping around all those same places when it didn’t appear and I was frustrated!  I finally gave up, thinking it would certainly turn up soon.  I mean how many places could it be hiding???!!!!

The following is a good example of why it is bad to be multi-tasking and getting too little sleep.  Here’s where I finally found it:

I was in and out of this drawer many times over the time it was missing.  All I could do was laugh once I found it!

I know I have had a couple of false starts on this project, but now that there are actual cuts made, I will be posting the before pictures and plans very soon!

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