Dear Mother Nature,

It is the end of March.  Where is spring?

Much anticipating your answer,

Pink Toes

(although you wouldn’t know it, since my toes are still wearing slippers instead of sandals)


I’m sure that most of you are aware that garage floors in unheated spaces are cold.  Very cold.  So I’ve kind of been on a DIY hiatus because my 40ish year old body cannot handle the cold out where the tools are located.  So I was much anticipating our school’s Spring Break so I could get started on a rather large project that is next on my list.  But instead of breaking out the nail gun, I was in the grocery store getting ready for the 6 inches of snow that they are calling for in our area.  I’m hoping that it melts quickly, but since we were out of pretty much everything, I couldn’t chance it!

So I guess I will finalize the plans for the big project over the next few days, so that I’m ready when the warm weather finally hits.  I’ll post the drawings soon.

Hope you are warm wherever you find yourself reading this!  I’m thinking happy thoughts of blooming daffodils and chirping birds.


P.S.–I had to begin to moderate the comments again today–sorry if that is a pain for anyone.  A bunch of spam was getting through the last few days.  It stinks when the few ruin it for the many…


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