Happy New Year! (and What I got done in 2012)

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Built In--whole room picture living room side

Happy New Year! I hope your 2012 was a good one, and that 2013 is even better!

I enjoyed looking at what I got checked off of my to-do list last year, so I thought I’d do it again this year. Thanks for indulging me 🙂

I started off 2012 declaring that I would finish Pip’s room by the end of the month. Ha! It’s close to being done now, but that was a year ago! This is what I started with:

DIY ruffled flower pillow

How to sew a Ruffled Flower Pillow

Then I released my first full-length major motion picture titled

How to cut plywood with a circular saw

Pip’s room gained some curtains.

Curtains up in Pip's room

Sometimes the smaller projects can make a big impact. My under-sink situation was out of control in my bathroom so I decided enough was enough and built some under-the-sink storage. It has kept the mess reigned in even to this day and I love it.

DIY under sink storage unit

Our little Netherland Dwarf bunny, Annie, is now hopping around in that grassy place for bunnies in the sky, but she spent her last few months in a new scrap wood small animal house I made her. We were sad since she was a part of our family for 8 years, but she had not been well for awhile before she died and I’m thankful she is not suffering any longer.

How to build a small animal house

I am particularly loving the project I finished in Pip’s room–her DIY closet organizer. The transformation was amazing and it has been a very popular post here on the blog, mainly from Pinterest. Whenever I have an explosion of page views, most likely this project is the cause.

Before and After closet organizer

I made some of Jaime’s fabric pouches for Pip’s birthday party favors. She is using hers to store her art supplies at school this year.

Sew your own birthday party favor zippered pouches

I also constructed something you can’t take a picture of–my new Project Gallery that includes thumbnail picture links to most of my projects and instructions on the blog. That was a major undertaking and I’m still shocked I figured it out. It involved learning some html through the web and library books, but it works and I love it as much as some of my woodworking projects!

I finally, after much deliberation, went and purchased a fancy camera and I wanted a bag that would protect it and still look good on my shoulder. So I made a camera bag.

Make your own camera bag

And then Heidi bought one from me–so I made a second one! (I hope it is working as well as mine is…)

Inside of DIY camera bag from a purse

I painted some stripes on a wall

Gray and white stripe paint on bathroom walland painted a geometric painting to go over the stripes.

DIY Geometric Wall Art

Made a starburst mirror

DIY starburst mirror project

Toward the end of the year I finally got back to Pip’s room and added a hutch to the desk I found a few years ago from Craiglist. But not before I repaired the chair and recovered it, and then painted the desk and chair.

Desk and Hutch from the front

My nephew turned one in July and I made him a Ruler Growth Chart.

DIY ruler growth chart

And last, but not least, the Living Room Built-In I managed to squeak in just before Christmas arrived!

Built In Living room side vertical view

I added three Quick Tips this year:

{Painting Wall and Furniture}

{Extension Cords}

{Sanding Blocks}

A few How-To’s:

{Cut narrow pieces of wood with a circular saw}

{Get accurate cuts with a saw, every time}

{Cope moulding with a Dremel}

One tool review:

The Kreg RipCut

And talked about the plywood I use because of it’s formaldehyde-free construction:

PureBond plywood

All in all it was a good year–I wish I had been able to get more done, especially in the warm, summer months, but I’m excited about the projects I’ve got in mind for 2013 and I’m ready to jump in and start them–there are some big ones! Thanks for being a part of my DIY adventures here at Pink Toes and Power Tools. I appreciate everyone who spends time here and I hope that you are inspired to start your own projects by what you see here!

Kristen “Pink Toes”

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