Living Room Built-In {Post 2: The Plans}

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Built In assembly and plywood cut plans

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is probably not the ideal time to jump into a new project, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped me before!  I am knee deep in a new built-in for our living room.  I’m finding that I am getting quicker with all aspects of a build– finally.  But I added a new feature, which always means I procrastinate completing that part.  Since this cabinet and shelves will be visible from both sides, I wanted to recess the back panel by rabbeting a groove.  That meant I got next to nothing done today as I avoided the garage and the router table.  But first: the plans.

I made myself draw it out to scale this time.  Remember that I am sometimes surprised at how my projects look when I’m done because I planned it all out on scrap paper.  Not this time! (Hopefully anyway)

Built-In plans drawn to scale

Built In assembly and plywood cut plans

I started the rabbeting today and ended up using a straight bit and table with fence, rather than using a rabbet bit with a bearing.  Mainly because I already had a straight bit AND I’ve already used a router table.  Can you imagine how many more days I would have procrastinated throwing in using a router hand-held for the first time?  Yeesh.

sketch of lumber cuts

Remember my disclaimer: Use these plans at your own risk because I’m always changing them.  I think I am already changing the 1×8 to a 1×6 for the top face frame.  The plywood cuts better be right, because I’ve already got them cut out (but not assembled) for this one.

It will be interesting if I get this one done before Christmas.  I think I will be done with everything but the doors, but we’ll see 🙂  I’ve still got Christmas shopping to do!

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