Sometimes you’ve gotta just go with the black turtleneck

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You know, I could wear a black turtleneck every day of the winter and be quite content.  I have never looked at myself in a picture and wondered what I was thinking when I’m wearing a black turtleneck in the snapshot.  It’s timeless.  It’s classic.  It’s flattering.  It may be boring, but it’s a sure bet–and I love those kind.

You may be wondering whatever this has to do with DIY.  Well, white is also classic, and I had Pip’s desk chair all painted up and ready to go, in classic white, when I began to worry it might be a little dull.  There was quite a bit of white going on in there with all her furniture, and now the desk and hutch.  I fretted that putting a white chair in front of it all would not have the punch I thought the room needed.

I was wrong.  I shoulda stayed with the sure bet.

Pink desk chair

Do you know how easy it is to spray paint a chair this size?  Wayyyyy too easy–if it were harder I would have pondered about it a little while before skipping outside to transform the color before it got too dark to see.  I’ve thought longer and harder about what I’m going to wear in the morning when my black turtleneck is dirty.

There’s the inspiration culprit in the form of a bike helmet laying in front of the chair.  I had a lot of spray paint leftover after I sprayed over top of the Barbie decal that Pip wasn’t liking anymore, and it was the right color.  Just the wrong choice.  Pip’s desk is a lady, and putting that chair in front of it was like looking at Princess Diana in a suit with a pink boa.  It just didn’t go!

I’ll have the desk and hutch reveal soon…after I repair the results of my temporary lapse from the safe bet.

What about you?  Make any rash DIY decisions you almost instantly regretted??














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