DIY ruler growth chart

Have you seen all the great ruler growth charts in Pinterest-land and Etsy-ville?  They are all over the place!  So much inspiration and options, but they tend to be pretty pricey when you know how much a 1 x 8 board is at the box stores.  If you are like me, you tend to look at those prices and think “I can make that.”  Icanmakethatitis.  So here is my DIY Ruler Growth Chart.

My nephew turned one last July, and his mommy had discovered that by the time you get to child #2, you have all the toys you will ever need without getting more. And she had recently discovered Pinterest and its plethora of great ideas, which resulted in a request for a growth chart similar to the ones floating around in cyberspace. I looked around and found a good DIY growth chart tutorial at Natural Kids Team (link no longer works) and then like any good aunt, got right on it–4 months later.  Just so you don’t think I should be locked up for nephew neglect, I did have some gifts for him to open on his actual big day!  Not that he really noticed through all the icing and cake he had smeared all over 🙂

I am really happy with how it turned out:

DIY Ruler Growth Chart on pine wood with a brown stain

I did change a few things from the original tutorial.  I made two short lines at 1.5″ and then a longer line at 2″ (so 1.5, 1.5, 2, 1.5, 1.5, 2″ and so on) and then each number line I marked at 2.75″.  I also printed the font (I used Book Antiqua) at 300.  I used the tutorial’s transfer technique and I also used a black Sharpie to make the lines and fill in the numbers.

The stain was a custom mix of two stains I had in the basement–which one was already a custom stain to begin with, so I can’t even tell you what the two are to reproduce mine.  I didn’t topcoat it with anything because my sister wanted it to look worn.  I prefer that look on it as well.  Keep in mind that if you are using it for an actual growth chart that you will write on, you will need to be able to mark over the top of your topcoat if you choose that route.  If you use a wax, that may present problems.

This is a really easy project and the results look great.  I have made a few of these for various fundraising auctions because the cost to make one is low and they tend to bring in around $35-40 for the organizations I have donated them to.

And in the interest of full disclosure, not only was it 4 months late, but I finished it at their house while visiting last weekend.  That actually does border on nephew neglect.  Wonder when I’ll get around to sending out Christmas cards this year…would it be inappropriate in May?