It’s easy being green…with PureBond

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Tools

I’ve never discussed what plywood I use, if I recall correctly.  I can honestly say it has only been one kind for every single project using plywood on this blog, right from the very beginning.  The Hubs and I have always been a little green, not in the jealous sense, but in the environmental sense.  We spent quite a bit extra buying no-VOC paint and primer when we built our house 12 year ago (and painted it all ourselves, with much help from friends and family!).  So when I decided that I was going to attempt to plug in the power tools and build, I spent HOURS on the computer trying to find “green” building products.  It was quite frustrating and all special order.  And EXPENSIVE.

And then I found PureBond.  Which happened to be carried by Home Depot just 15 minutes from my home.  No formaldehyde at all, and it was local!  I was so excited that I posted about it over on the boards at Ana White’s site.  If you look at the date on that forum post, it was before I even started the blog 🙂  And it burned up the boards over there with exactly…zero comments back.  Oh well!  Now PureBond’s name is getting out there with all the blogs that are taking the PureBond pledge!

Since I have been using PureBond for two years now, I am happy to say that I am now officially taking the PureBond Pledge as well.  This blog will wear the badge with honor on the sidebar.  Thank you PureBond, for making your product available for DIYers like me, who are concerned about the air quality in their homes.

If you want to read a little more about the product, you can visit the manufacturer Columbia Forest Products, visit the website especially for PureBond Plywood, or take a peek at the PureBond Facebook page.  I want to see the different species they have available to order–so far I’ve only used the birch ply–but when I went to the special order counter awhile back, the guy couldn’t find the samples (he didn’t normally work in that department).  Ana had mentioned in a post that they have a variety and I would love to check them for the projects I want to stain instead of paint.

And now that I mention two years of blogging, I think I have a two year anniversary coming up!!  October 27, 2010 was my first post.  Wow.  Time sure does fly…

**Now I’ve always said you would be the first to know if I am getting compensated for anything on this blog.  I will receive compensation from PureBond for the Pledge.  How sweet a deal is it that I already use and love this product??  Excuse me while I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming…