Starburst…no, not the candy

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starburst mirror close up

Hello all!  I have been BUSY lately around the house and have quite a few projects in various stages, which means I have a lot to blog about, but not much time to do it!!  Some of the projects I will not be blogging about–like the new strawberry beds in the garden–and others I obviously will–like this starburst mirror project I just completed for the kids’ bath.

DIY starburst mirror project

It turned out pretty good and was pretty cheap.  My kinda project all around.  It totaled $4.50 without the glue and $9.50 if you have to buy a bottle.  I finally caved and bought some Gorilla glue, even though I am a complete believer in the product, I haven’t owned it until now.  I wanted some strong stuff for this, since having it fall apart onto the bathroom floor (invariably in the middle of the night ala window transoms) wasn’t appealing.

I happen to know this stuff works, because about three years ago I was picking my son up from his friend’s house when one of the friend’s little brothers used my rear view mirror as a monkey bar–you can imagine how that ended up.  When I was panicking about how to fix that, my neighbor offered her Gorilla glue to use.  It hasn’t budged since that day!  (Wow, that paragraph was really apes–ha!).

Back to the starburst mirror…

Supplies for the starburst wood shim mirror:

6″ mirror–$1.49 (JoAnn Fabrics)

2 packs of the shorter shims–$1.49 each (Lowes. Check in the aisle where you can buy doors)

scrap 1/4″ plywood or similar, approximately 10″ square with edges rounded off.  I tried to get away without rounding the edges, but they kept peeking out when I was playing around with the placement.

Gorilla glue.  Or if you want to walk on the wild side, you could try using hot glue.

wood shims for starburst mirror project

Play around with shim placement.  I used all the shims but 2.

playing around with shim placement

Draw a circle where you want your shim to line up.  Mine is the small circle in the middle.  Once the glue goes on I pulled the shims from their spots up to the circle line.

Sketch a line where you want the shim to line up

Wet the wood.  The Gorilla glue needs moisture to activate.  BEWARE of how much Gorilla glue you use!!!  This stuff expands!!  I had to dig out the glue because it showed in spots I didn’t think it would with this project.  The shims have gaps once you layer them up that show the glue.

wet the wood for the Gorilla glue

Now you won’t see much of my process because I was busy getting the glue on there and the shims in their places.  And my son came home with new, neon green soccer shoes that I had to check out as well!  Very cool.  I wanted to get all of the shims in their place before the first ones were set, in case I had any placement problems.  This was not easy to do.  With all the layering of shims, it was precarious for awhile.  But finally I got to this step:

Clamping the sunburst mirror until Gorilla Glue sets up

Don’t envy me because of my awesome clamp.  I am learning how impatient I am with some of these projects.  It was all I could do to wait an hour until the glue label said I could mess with it.  I waited exactly 60 minutes and took it up to the bathroom to see what it would look like.

starburst mirror close up

I know that starburst mirrors are not exactly cutting edge in blogland, but I’m not really a cutting-edge kinda gal.  And when I see this in its spot in the bathroom it makes me happy 🙂

The bathroom is really starting to shape up!  I’ve got one more small DIY project in there to hang on the wall, and then I have to decide what I’m doing with the vanity area.  I’m also working on another project for Pip’s room that I started this weekend and if it turns out how it looks in my head, I’ll be excited!

Hope you are in the middle of a great project with sawdust in your hair and paint on your clothes!

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