The kids’ bathroom…FINALLY

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Holy guacamole was the kids’ bathroom project ever going to get started??!! The creative juices were running dry for this one…and the motivation wasn’t exactly flowing either. But it is at least a good jump toward finished now. You may recall (or you may not, it hasn’t exactly been that recent) that the kids’ bathroom was not on my radar. It is a room that I consider finished, and with so many other projects that are screaming to be completed after 11+ years in this house, I was not interested in redoing one that was already complete.

And then this happened:

We built the bathroom in anticipation of kids needing to brush their teeth or dry their hair while another was showering. Maybe somewhere down the line, we might consider upgrading the kid’s shower with fantastic glass shower doors? It is two rooms–you enter into the one with the sink and go through another door back into the porcelain throne and tub/shower room. The problem is that it is an interior room (no windows) and it is small, and my boys like to take very hot and very long showers. Water-running-down-the-walls-from-condensation kind of showers. Mold really likes those kinds but we really don’t like any kind of mold. Immediately, I started looking for damp proofing quotes to make sure that the walls wouldn’t absorb the water and create even more mold.

We felt particularly inspired to renovate the bathroom and shower after chatting to our friends who live in Australia. They recently had a new bathroom fitted and from the pictures they showed us, they managed to find one of the best semi frameless shower screens in Sydney! The shower they chose looks so chic and really complements their overall theme.

Hence, the bathroom moved to the very top of a list that it had previously not even been on. And since I was going to paint anyway, it might as well be updated all around. Especially because my boys are growing up fast and the decor was probably not keeping up really well:

This towel rack has served us well but I’m thinking of replacing them with a heated one because there’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and being cold and wet! I’m still looking at this post on Easy Home Concepts in order to find the one that will suit the room the most but I think it’ll be a good addition. We’ll have the hooks for the kids (more on that later) and the heated rack for myself.

I made the seashell wall art forever ago. These are shadow box-like frames that I painted purple to match the towels and hot glued the shells on to. I found the shells and silver dollar on a vacation when I was still single.

I’m not crazy about the 3-way mirror in here and tried to convince the kids to let me remove the two on the sides, but no dice. They already argue when brushing their teeth at the same time before we leave for school. Making them crowd even closer together in front of one mirror might result in bloodshed. I hardly recognize this spot without all the toothpaste spittle on the mirror…

I have strong feelings of dislike for the counter top in this room. On the tiny little piece of laminate we used to choose this, I swear it was only a white/gray combination. Where the hints of pink came from I will never know. I’m considering painting this and if I were a betting woman, I’d bet it is going to happen. The cabinet is probably going to get a coat of paint as well. It is yellowish, which doesn’t show up in this picture.

I also removed the kids towel rack on this wall and went with hooks like we have on the shower side:

Because the towels always look like this unless I was the last person in the room:

Lovely, isn’t it? Now we’ve got some hooks and the rack that’s going to be replaced for the heated one soon. I bet you can’t guess which towel is just for decoration and never gets messed with.

Here’s a sneak peak into what I spent Spring Break accomplishing:

Gray and white stripe paint on bathroom wall

I’ll be back with the tutorial on how I went about it. I’m loving the stripes, but I’m still struggling with what else I’m going to do in there! I finally decided to just move forward with the painting and hope that inspiration would happen in increments as I went along. Fingers crossed…

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