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Hi all! I hope that it is as beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here in Ohio! The weather has been absolutely unbelievable. With all this beautifulness (boy, the spell checker is going bonkers with that word) I’m sure you have been throwing around the idea of getting out the power tools and building. And if you are, you will certainly be getting out the sand paper because it is an unavoidable part of the building process.

Have you ever priced the sanding blocks at the stores? I have. And they never end up in my cart at the checkout line because of that. The Hubs and I differ a bit in that area–we are both pretty thrifty, but when it comes to home improvement projects, he doesn’t balk at getting things that might be helpful, whereas I tend to “make do” without them. So that is how I ended up with some ready-made sanding blocks–they came home with him from the store 🙂

The ready-made version were great and is it my imagination, or do they seem to last longer without getting clogged up? Even so, I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money when they began to look like this:

3M sanding block

This is an incredibly easy quick tip. Just cut a full sheet of sandpaper into fourths.

Make your own sanding block

And crease the edges up at the edge of the ready-made block.

Finished DIY sanding block

I’m almost embarrassed to post this, it is so easy. Almost. I don’t attach it in any way and it stays in place fine just by gripping the sides.

Don’t have a worn-out sanding block to use and don’t want to buy one? You can still make some really cheap DIY versions. I used this option until I found the ones the Hubs had already bought (I cannot recommend snooping in your husband’s garage stuff highly enough). Use some scrap wood–3/4″ thickness or more. Buy some cheapo craft foam (the kind that they have in the kid’s craft section at Walmart, JoAnn’s, etc.). If you want to be all fancy-schmancy, buy the self-adhesive kind, but I just used some scrap from the craft room. Cut the foam to the size of your scrap wood and use a quarter sheet of the sandpaper wrapped around it. That’s it! Depending on the project you’re doing though, for instance, you’re choosing to revamp your hardwood floor, you might need a floor sanding guide and perhaps a more advanced sanding tool rather than this little block.

If you can’t get enough of sanding blocks, here are even more options for your consideration:

As far as the kids’ bathroom project non-progress, I am beginning to have hopeful thoughts. I got a little jump of excitement in the belly when I was surfing for inspiration yesterday and it is the first that I’ve gotten that. It is what I have been waiting for, so I hope I can fan that little ember into a roaring fire of motivation. And SOON!!

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