Kreg Rip-Cut

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Tools

Kreg Rip-Cut

I just heard about a new Kreg product that is so new it isn’t released yet!  But I already want it.  It’s called the Kreg Rip-Cut and it looks like it has the potential to replace the straight cut guides I use to cut sheets of plywood.

Kreg Rip-Cut

For less than $40, I can see the advantages being:

  • Not having to store the large straight jigs
  • Better accuracy
  • Kreg claims no measuring.  That would speed cut time up considerably!

I think I get pretty accurate results with the straight jigs I built, but I’m wondering if they would be even better with this.

The disadvantages I could imagine:

  • Having to take the thing off the saw each time.  Might not be a problem if it is easily done.
  • Keeping that edge on the edge of the plywood the entire cut.   The model is holding it there, can I?
  • If the plywood edge is not straight, this thing won’t help you out.  The homemade jig can cut any line you want it to as long as you can clamp it down.

Huh.  I might have just talked myself into keeping what I’ve got already.  Except for that no measuring thing.  Boy I’d love to not have to measure each cut.  Can anybody else contribute to the pro/con list?