Pip's birthday cake

I’m pretty sure my family is about birthday-caked out.  We celebrate all three of my children’s birthdays in a 13 to 14 day (depending on if it’s a leap year!) time span.  Between their actual birth day, to their friend party, to the family party, it ends up being a LOT of cake and ice cream!  Pip decorated her own cake for her actual birth day (pink, of course):

Pip's birthday cake

After years of intricate Sesame Street characters, Buzz Lightyear, Blue’s Clues, Harry Potter, and skateboard cakes (to name a few), I got the brilliant idea of letting the kids do their own cakes.  It. was. pure. genius.  They loved it because it was so grown up to be able to do it.  Our family loved seeing their creations.  And I didn’t have to decorate the cakes!  And let’s face it–if you love icing (and I do), the kids can have a heavy hand with the icing.  Pip didn’t so much this year, but in the past my boys have made actual icing mountains on their cakes 🙂

Pip’s friend party is today and this year I actually put some time into the party bags.  Jaime over at That’s My Letter always does these beautiful handmade favors that I always plan to construct and never do.  This year I used her pouch instructions to make these:

Birthday favor pouches

I used pink, for obvious reasons, and purple for the lining because that is her second favorite color.  I made 8 all together and JoAnn’s didn’t have enough white zippers in stock, so I had to use purple, pink, and white.  They are filled with some manicure supplies, because 9 year olds can never have enough nail polish.

I love the wire basket–found it at the new Goodwill Store in our area for $2!  It’s going in our master bath–which is on the slate for a redo.  But it’s not first on the list.  Or second.  Or even third…

So that is why I’ve been out of commission lately–birthdays, birthdays, birthdays.  But the last party is on Sunday and after that I hope to be back to blogging about something that doesn’t rot your teeth!

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