A new “Project Gallery” menu tab and other random stuff

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Random Thoughts + Ramblings

Hello everybody–I’m excited about this post because I have been working really hard on this for the last 2 weeks and I’m getting closer to what I want.  Close enough that I could publish part of it today!  It is my new Project Gallery that will eventually have all the informational posts included in it.  I even had to learn a little bit of html coding in order to make it look right, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.  I think it is really hard to navigate and find posts that are helpful, once they are buried under the most recent posts.  I was inspired by Kate’s Project Gallery at Centsational Girl–it makes all of her posts easy to find and I knew I wanted one here.

<stepping up on my soapbox>

And herein is what makes writing a DIY blog difficult.  In order to have new content at regular intervals, you have to actually complete the projects, correct your pictures that you had to remember to take throughout the project, write the posts, and keep up the blog!!  Oh, and since you don’t have a technical guy on salary to help you, you might also have to also learn html.  Don’t even get me started on trying to learn about the Facebook Fan Page changes they keep making.  And your family still expects to eat and have clean underwear.  And they seem to want them both every day!

I am not complaining about the above, because I love doing this.  BUT it was discouraging to see someone comment on the Homies site about some of the blogs being nominated that don’t update enough.  The commenter didn’t point their finger at me (they didn’t name any names, so maybe they were pointing at me!), but I don’t think that particular finger should have been pointed at ANY blogger, and especially at a DIY blogger.  If a blog has informative content that people enjoy, then they should be just as qualified to be nominated for the same awards that the “regularly updated” blogs are up for.  It takes a LOT of time to DIY blog!  It should also be kept in mind that the vast majority don’t do this for a living or get any compensation.

Let’s all support each other!

<jumping down from soapbox>

I think that comment hit me a little harder than it would have otherwise, because I’ve been feeling guilty about not putting anything new out here lately. I don’t want to post some random musing on why socks seem to disappear into thin air within this house’s walls or about how many gray hairs I pulled this morning, because that’s not what you guys signed on for when you became a follower of this blog.  Soooo, I hope that my readers have patience with me when it’s been quiet around here for a stretch of time. Unless, of course, you want more of the random musings…(it was 3 gray hairs today).

Anywhoo, I hope that you check out the new Project Gallery tab at the top of the blog and tell me what you think.  It’s certainly not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it.  Just like all my projects 😉