Quick Tip {measurement accuracy}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Quick Tips + Tricks

Happy Friday!  I’m busy in the garage today working on Pip’s closet organizer.  I can’t wait to get this in there and see the difference!  The part I am dreading is painting it since, I’ll have to work in the dining room to do it.  Way to cold for paint in the garage–and humans, but I’m ignoring that fact and powering through.

While I’m working on a project, I have lots of time to think.  Often I’ll think of some random tip that could help you out when you are building.  I’m trying to write those down as I think of them so that I can pass them on to you.  I’m posting the first one today.

One thing I do when I am building is to make sure I am only using one measuring tape for the entire build–all the way from measuring the room to placing the last nail.  It may seem nit-picky, but I think the action on the metal tip can get loose as it ages.  This would only be a problem if you switch between measuring tapes, but if you use the same one you don’t have to worry about it.

Being as precise as you can during every stage makes the project go much more smoothly!