Using a closet rod for curtain hardware

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If you are looking for a cheaper curtain hardware option, then you are in the right place.  Curtain rods and their matching finials are expensive!  The solution that I am proposing works well when the curtains are going in between two cabinets.  Consider using a closet rod for curtain hardware.  They come in both metal and wood, you can cut them to size, and they are made to hold up heavy clothes, so they won’t bend if the distance you need to span is a long one.

Closet rod as curtain hardware for a long window in between built-in cabinets

When I planned the built-ins on each side of the windows, I left a couple of inches between them and the edge of the window molding so that when the windows are open, they have room to come over and not obstruct the view.  The plan was to connect a rod to each cabinet for the curtains.  It worked just like I imagined!  I used a closet rod I cut down with a hack saw to fit the width.  I thought that was going to be way harder than what it was.  Pleasant surprise!

Closet rod used for curtain rod between two built-in bookshelves

And some of these closet rod sockets.  The open one with the lip allows the rod to be removed to clean the curtains.

Closet rod sockets used for curtain hardware between two built-in bookcases

Used painter’s tape to keep them in place while I screwed them in.

Using painter's tape to hold the closet rod sockets in place for curtain rod hardware

It’s coming together now!  I’m working hard on getting one room in this house completely finished to the point where I walk in and there isn’t a single project I’ve got in mind for it.  Here’s a before shot:

What tips can you share with me about curtain hardware?  Anything you have used in a different way than it was intended?

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