Wow—I really did get a lot done this year!

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I missed my blog anniversary back in October so I thought I’d sum up the last year at the end of this year. Looking back is so rewarding, especially seeing the before-and-afters.

I started this blog as a way to kick me in the behind and start actually making a reality, the ideas I have constantly brewing in my head about this house. I thought it might make me accountable, and it has!! I have gotten sooo many things done that I would have only continued to dream about. The biggest change is the one in our laundry room, which is also where everyone but the UPS guy enters our house:

Laundry_before_and_afterOh my gosh, I love it so much! I forgot how much this changed. All the work was so worth it! Project links for this room:

Laundry Room cabinet, Board & Batten, Bench, Family Sign (in back), and DIY wall art (above the bench).

Washer and dryer shelf

Another before and after for this room is the Shelf behind the washer and dryer. A small project that solved a long standing problem by hiding the ugly hook ups.

You can see the hardware that I painted on one of the doors also. This project was huge, but so was the cost of putting on all new hardware. It was my first project that I posted about on the blog!

Exactly a year ago I was deciding whether I should begin painting the dining room table before our New Year’s Eve party or if I should wait (I started):

Paint a dining room table

To go along with the “new” table, I added a Fresh Egg sign above the kitchen sink. It really completed that area:

Fresh Egg sign in kitchen

My first project on the blog was painting the doorknobs and hinges in the entire house, but my first attempt at woodworking was a storage unit in Pip’s closet.

Closet Door Storage

Closet Door Storage

Which gave me the confidence to then build some leaning wall shelves.

Leaning wall shelves close up of espresso finish

Which led to a whole new room for Pip! More projects for her room will be coming in 2012…

IMG_5686Built-In cabinet & bookshelves, Storage bed with drawers, and Bedside Table.

My Man’s old dresser from his childhood was revamped for Pip’s room’s new look:

Dresser afterThen after seeing his sister’s storage bed, my middle child decided he wouldn’t mind having one for his room. And the second Pottery Barn Stratton knock off came into being:

Pottery Barn Stratton knock off #2Many more projects in 2012 for his room as well!

Some projects in 2011 involved a power tool that I have had a long relationship with-my sewing machine.

This tee pee I made for my nephew has been a very popular post on the blog, receiving 2,793 views since I published it. It’s my second highest viewed post (first is Pip’s storage bed). I’m going to be making another one for my niece very soon (like, it’s-her-Christmas-present-for-2011 soon…)

Teepee made from DIY teepee sewing tutorialAnd the luggage tag. We still use this every school day at our house! Pip no longer worries about what she needs to do at the end of the school day.

Luggage tagAnd last but not least, some miscellaneous projects.

A quick thrift store lamp revamp.


And a tutorial on adding your own felt to the bottom of the lamps as well.

Finished crateRustic DIY crates

A compost bin tutorial (kinda):

View from the back with the doors all on

I wrote a tutorial for getting a smooth painted finish without a spray gun:

Smooth finish on drawer frontsAnd finally, I overcame a pretty significant fear of the circular saw, nail gun, and router. I wrote about what I learned about the saw here:

How to cut with a circular saw #1, How to cut with a circular saw #2, How to cut with a circular saw #3

I created a video about cutting plywood with a circular saw and I sound like an idiot when I replay it back. I may publish if it would benefit some of you. After all, we already know that I have no shame (read about why on earth I have on a prom dress here).

Prom dressThe blog itself has grown to 161 followers-thank you so much for joining the site and following along on my adventures in DIY! I appreciate each one of you more than you could know.

Here’s to a great 2012!

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