Mason jar Christmas candles

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Are you interested in simplifying your Christmas tablescape this year? Then you will be wanting to check out this super easy and inexpensive idea I got from Pinterest this year. The pictures don’t do them justice (I need to get better with my photography for these blog posts!). I love the homespun feel of it all with mason jars, jute twine, and the natural elements that the cranberries and holly twigs add. And I always love the warm glow of candles for the Christmas meal. I also decided to dot some wax melt burners around the home with a Christmas scent (like those offered on Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles) to really set the mood and get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Here’s the original:


I added jute twine wrapped around the top three times with a knot because it seemed plain without it.

And I used tea light candles instead of floating candles.

The cranberries held the candles up just fine.

I also kept the water level down from the top because I was afraid that they would slosh over the tops if a table was bumped.

These were so easy and cheap–the only thing I purchased was a bag of cranberries for $1.50 that filled all 6 of these that I made, and the tea light candle pack. I think it was also about $1.50 and I didn’t use all the candles from the pack. These burned for the entire dinner and conversation after, but eventually put themselves out and used up the candles. Floating candles would probably burn longer, but Walmart didn’t sell them and these were pretty cheap.

I’ve made these Easy Christmas Candle Rings in years past. This was a nice change of pace and I’m hoping it lasts until our New Year’s Eve party in a week. If not, I’ve got another bag of cranberries waiting!

Have you used cranberries or other food in your decorating? Inspire me in the comments!

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