Aaaahhh!  Only days left until Christmas is here!  I waited too long to get going on the Christmas preparations.  But it will all get done.   Right??  (Just say yes…even if you don’t believe it)…

I was wrapping presents the other day and I realized I didn’t buy any bows in the clearance sales from last year like I normally do.  And I didn’t have my usual curling ribbon or fabric ribbon in Christmas colors either.  You know how I dislike leaving the house when I haven’t planned to…so the DIY wheels were turning.  You also know that I am a pack rat!  It rescued me on this occasion, for once.  I have a shoe box of the velvety red ribbon I bought a LONG time ago and I have this really nice ribbon I got from a fund raiser packet of wrapping paper and bows a LONG time ago (anyone else hoard the really nice stuff for a really nice occasion?  I do it with fabric, food, too many things!).  The “I can make that” thought made an appearance.

Here’s the original really nice bow from the fundraiser:

The original bow used as inspiration for DIY Christmas bow

You pull each loop out and then pull the next. They pop up really nice and full.  Sorry, keeping this as a reminder so I didn’t fluff it up for you!

Here’s my fluffed up version with the velvety ribbon:

DIY Christmas bow fluffed up and decorating a gift

You need some ribbon (I think mine is about 1.5″ wide), a scrap of card stock or cardboard (like a cereal box), and thin, flexible wire.  String might work too, but I would use wire if you have it.  It holds it in  place better.

First you keep wrapping the ribbon over and over in a circle or “O” pattern.  The starting tail will just lay in the middle of the circle.  That’s fine–you don’t see it in the finished version.  The end tail lays on the outside of the circle and you don’t see that because it’s on the bottom of the finished bow.  I used a scrap of white cardstock with two small holes punched about 1/4″ apart for the wire:

DIY christmas bow attached to paper and ready to be fluffed up

Snip out a triangle of the ribbon on each side.  This version is more curved, but triangles work fine too (did it on another bow).  This ribbon is thick, so I had to snip it out in layers.  Leave about 1/4″ of ribbon in the middle.  The snips allow the ribbon to twist around once you pull the loops apart to make the bow.

Attach the bow to the cardstock with the wire through the small holes.  Pull it tightly through and twist at the back.  I covered the ends of the wire with layers of tape to keep it from poking anyone.  I don’t know that I would use this for a small child, just in case.

Pull each loop apart and pull it up:

One loop of the DIY Christmas bow pulled out

One loop pulled up.

Two loops of the DIY Christmas bow pulled up

Two loops pulled up

Red velvet Christmas ribbon fluffed up into DIY ribbon bow

Completed bow

Put some tape on the bottom of the cardstock scrap and you are good to go!

DIY ribbon bow on Christmas package

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