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My 8 weeks away was a whirlwind—I can’t believe how fast it went! Obviously I didn’t get any projects, even small ones, blogged during that time. But I did finish two VERY small DIY organization projects that I’ll share now. I wasn’t going to because the pictures aren’t impressive. How do some bloggers get those fantastic pictures of the smallest things? However, the other day I opened the cabinet where one of the projects is located and felt a small spurt of giddiness because it solved a long standing problem. So here’s hoping this may help you out as well.

Hair clips and headbands organized under bathroom sink

Hair stuff. Past DIY organizer was a picnic basket I painted with shoe box dividers.  The hair clips were on small strips of cardboard, clipped in place.  I already took them out in the photo.  They were stuck in the spaces in the sides:

Picnic basket hair clips organizer

You couldn’t see them all at once and although it was somewhat organized, it was still a pain.  My daughter never put them back on their strip and I didn’t like to either.

I used two command hooks, a thick ribbon, thinner ribbon and a stapler.  I love the command hooks because they stay in place but aren’t permanent.  The two ribbons expand the amount of clips you cans store as well as hold bigger clips and smaller clips in the same place.


I also made a headband holder.  I saw this on a blog, but I can’t recall where.  I’m going to check out my pins on Pinterest to double check and if I figure it out I’ll update the post.  Oatmeal box covered in white cardstock.  I filled it with some old bags of dried beans to weight it down for taking them off/putting them on.  Works perfectly.

Oatmeal container headband organizer for under the bathroom sink

And the second project was a very simple, scrap wood shelf for one of the cabinets in the kids’ bathroom:

scrap wood organizing shelf for under the bathroom sink

An underutilized cabinet went from this:

Before picture under the bathroom sink

To this:

Scrap wood shelf organizer under the bathroom sink

I know.  I’m not going to win any DIY awards for this, but it really helped with some space issues we were having in there.  And by we, I mean the kids were leaving junk on the counter rather than putting it away and were perfectly content, and I was having issues with it.   I’m a firm believer that if something is easy to do, it is more likely to get done.  These items that were not daily use were taking up space and making it more difficult to use the items the kids needed every day.  Since I did this the counters are clear.

There are two more cabinets in this bathroom that need help, and I’m on the hunt for some inexpensive lazy Susans.  Since when did Walmart discontinue their cheapo plastic ones?

Do you have some easy organization ideas that you have used in your home?  Please share with me!

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