Pottery Barn Stratton knock off #2

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You’ve heard the wise advice, measure twice, cut once.  It is good advice that should always be followed when woodworking.  Especially before you even buy the wood.  Go measure the space you’ve got, to make sure your project will fit in given space.

You know I am working on my second storage bed for one of my boys.  There is currently a twin in there, which gave me false confidence about the space I had for the bed.  Actually that sentence implies that I actually had a thought in the first place about spacing.  I, in fact, did not.  Not even an inkling of a thought.

Luckily the Heavens were smiling on me as my oldest was carrying the bed up with My Man, saying “Wonder if the door is gonna close once this is in there?” .  It does close.  Barely.

It’s all because of this:

I’m sure that there are some “heating duct rules to live by” that I am oblivious to, but when a room has a shortage of blank walls to put furniture in front of, it is eternally frustrating when one has a heating duct in front of it.  This room has the door into the room, two huge closet doors and 3 windows.  This very small space between the windows in one of 3 blank areas I’ve got to work with.  Oh well, the door does actually close, so disaster was averted.

And the bed is in the room!

Before (and I am so embarrassed about the dust ruffle being ripped–especially because it’s been that way for years):

Pottery Barn Stratton knock off #2

If you missed the first one I build for my daughter, it’s Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off} The reveal!   Her bed has routered edges, which I skipped for this bed and that post has pictures of the build as well as links to more specific directions/photos on parts of the build.  The plans for both beds come from Ana White’s Stratton knock off plans but I modified it to a twin.

I used a new paint I found recommended on pinterest.  I love how it went on, but I’m not sure if it will be as durable as the polycrylic coats I usually use as a topcoat that I skipped with this project (my usual painting process is here).  It also doesn’t have that smooth-as-silk finish I like, but it is still pretty smooth.  Only time will tell about the durability, and if anyone is interested, I will post in a couple of months about results.

Benjamin Moore Super Spec paint

I’m glad the bed is done, but now that it is in his room, there is so much I want to change (does anyone else think the wood furniture all needs to be black now?  I hadn’t anticipated that…ugh!).  I would love to be able to work on one room at a time to completion, but it seems that the big projects are taking precedence right now.  And there are so MANY!  I’m starting to miss my sewing machine 🙂

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