Hi all!  I’m working hard on finishing the storage bed I was talking about building for my son and it’s almost done.  I’m trying out a new paint on this one which supposedly doesn’t require a topcoat.  I’m loving eliminating the 3 coats of polyacrylic I usually put on top, but I’m hoping it has the durability I’ve come to expect 🙂

I’m trying not to be too disappointed that I missed out on Ana White’s new storage bed plans she just published yesterday.  Look at this beauty:

This bed would have looked great in that room.  The bed is going in a spot that I could have included a head and foot board.  And I love that it is up off the floor.  But it’s too late now, so maybe I’ll be adding a farmhouse headboard in the future.  I was bummed when I saw the plan though…

And now for exciting news, and the reason that this post is called “Knock Off Decor Feature!”–today I am featured on Knock Off Decor!!  The dresser for Pip’s room will be the featured project today.  I know I’ve said it before, but if you haven’t listened yet, check out all the great projects over there!  I think the Damask Stenciled Linen Curtains project from that site might have made it on my to-do list for our master bedroom.  Adding that and the Farmhouse headboard just made the list exactly 5 miles long.  No kidding.  I’ve quit writing things on the list because it makes it feel like the last 5 miles of a marathon when I look at the list.  It makes me tired.  Although if I were actually running, it would be like “only 5 more miles” at that point, wouldn’t it?  There.  The glass is half full now.

When I begin to ramble, it is time to end the post.  Have a great day!  Check out Knock Off Decor today and check back here soon for the storage bed reveal!

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