The weekend is here and I’m finally at a spot in life that I can get started on another project or two.  Next up: Pip’s dresser and another storage bed for my middle son, who I need to come up with a nickname for on the blog.  Pip came from “Pretty In Pink”.  Maybe his nickname will jump out at me as I begin blogging about a project intended for him, like hers did.

I went and got the lumber for the bed and supplies for the dresser.  I’ve tried really hard not to begin two projects at once (which is my natural inclination) as I’ve jumped into woodworking, but My Man  (who has tried to cure me of that natural inclination) said it would be a good use of time to put a coat of paint on the dresser, and then work on the bed while that coat dries.  When you’ve got a green light, you go.  I went straight to Home Depot.

So hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon!  In the meantime, I was looking at Pottery Barn’s website for inspiration on sprucing up Pip’s dresser when I ran across this bedside table:

Pottery Barn Charlotte bedside table

I think this is actually closer to what I ended up with in Pip’s bedside table.

My inspiration was a PB Teen table:

Pottery Barn Cottage Smart

But after all the modifications I made, it ended up closer to the Charlotte!  I didn’t even see that one before I built it because I only looked on PB Teen and PB Kids websites.  I think if I had seen it, I would have inset the drawers a little from the corners–I like that look on the Charlotte version.

Anyhoo, hope you are having a great Friday evening!  I got started on the dresser later today and I’m liking how it is going so far.  Can’t wait to show you!

P.S.–If you are the praying kind, could you send up happy thoughts to the Big Guy that my back makes it through the weekend?  I’ve got a kink today and I’m a little worried about cutting all that plywood, bent over on the garage floor…thanks:)

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