Organizing {junk drawer}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Home Organization

Ahh, the junk drawer. The bane of my existence. Always a mess with nary a solution to be found. Til now. Well, actually I found the solution last year. But that’s even better because I found a solution that has worked for a whole year!

I don’t have any before shots because it was during my pre-blogging days that I came up with this. I started out shopping for drawer organizers and was blown away by what it was going to cost me for plastic pencil bins and the like. And that was at Walmart! I even had them in my cart, thinking that the money would be worth it, but ended up putting them back and leaving empty handed. They might have segmented the drawer, but it still didn’t feel like it was customized for what I specifically needed. Which meant the solution wouldn’t end up working and it would eventually be a mess again.

Then I got to thinking that I had a lot of fruit roll up, granola bar, and cake boxes in the pantry that might work. For free. And then the angels started singing (they do that when I hit upon a great solution or idea–doesn’t happen often enough, I tell ya).

The boxes are more flexible than the plastic organizers I was going to buy, so they fit in there tightly. They are also smaller and narrower which allows me to customize even more. The index cards and box are my household organization system I got from the book Sidetracked Home Executives. Works awesome.

More drawer love above. School Box Tops for Education and pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house fundraising are in two boxes that I rubberbanded together to keep them in place. Battery chargers, light timers, and a notebook for all my lists.

Plastic organizers are good for pencils and pens! I’ve used these for 17 years now and didn’t see a need to throw them out. They are more durable for holding this many pencils and pens…and one pink crayon. I think I would have invested in these two if I hadn’t had them to begin with.

These drawers today look exactly like the pictures. I made sure that everything I needed in these drawers had a spot–if you can do that when you are organizing, you’re golden.

If you’ve got an organizing solution for your home, chime in please!! I could use some good ideas–still got lots of organizing to do yet…