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I am in the middle of an organizing frenzy! And generally my organizing looks like a frenzied event when I am done. It is not unusual for the room to look worse after I start the organizing because I want it to be perfect when I am done. Perfectly matched containers. Perfectly lined up. Everything in its place. Neat. Tidy.

That all takes time! And I get distracted interrupted easily. You know life? It always gets in my way. And I abandon the attempt before it’s complete.

But occasionally I am successful. Yesterday I was in Dollar Tree trying to find cheapo candles for another project when I ran across some of these

I didn’t see wood shelf though. I saw a solution to my jewelry drawer.

Here is my embarrassing before photo:

Stuff wouldn’t stay put. I tried to use some of those tulle bags I’ve collected from shower favor bags over the years to keep necklaces separate, which works pretty well, but I wasn’t satisfied with that.

Much better! These are even short enough that they can be stacked. I went back to Dollar Tree today and bought 14 more. I’m going to stack in this drawer, I’ve got some for Pip’s room, and I think they will work great for scrapbooking embellishments.

I did get rid of some of the jewelry I had in there that was too worn to wear anymore and some that I won’t wear anymore . Maybe someday I will stain or paint these, but right now they are good as is. I’ve got a lot more stuff on my list that takes priority!

What about you? Anyone else feeling like purging and organizing now that the kids are back in school?

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