What a great surprise I had when I got back from celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday this weekend–I am the featured builder on Ana White’s website!  I know this is probably a computer-generated honor, but I am excited all the same!  If by some reason you have not checked out her site, here’s your chance:
Ana White - making a home with handmade furniture and other DIY projects

Ana was my inspiration for jumping into woodworking almost a year ago now.  Her site is full of free plans, a community of fantastic people of all skill levels in the forums, and inspiration from all the photos of Ana’s work, as well as the work of all members of the community.

You might recognize the pink toes in the upper left corner for the next few days 😉  My username is kristen on Ana’s site–when I joined last year, I wasn’t yet a blogger and Pink Toes and Power Tools didn’t exist.  Wow–I’ve gotten a LOT done in the last year!

This doesn’t quite seem fair–my grandmother had the birthday and I got the great present.  And what do ya know, that commenter I featured in the post a few days ago was omnipotent–for a few days I am a little bit famous–even if it is only a reflection of Ana’s radiance shining my way for a brief chunk of time, lol!

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