Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside table post 2

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

So we’re about 99.99% sure we don’t have raccoons in the garage attic.  Two nights and nothing came down, but KT commented on the last post that baby powder can deter raccoons.  Which is what we sprinkled on the ladder rungs to see if anything came down or not.  But My Man went up and looked before he screwed the cover on this time and nothing was out of place or different from the last look-see.  Disaster averted.  We are excited to try out the baby powder if we ever have a problem again.  Thanks KT!

So I’ve been able to make some headway on the bedside table.

First I assembled the table top with a kreg jig and lots of clamps.  The plywood is always just the slightest bit narrower than my 1x2s, so on this project I was trying to get an even top with lots of clamps and using scrap wood to push the plywood down so I’d get it all even.  That still resulted in a bump between the two.

This is what worked the best; adding the right angle clamp (a face frame clamps would work too, but I don’t have one of those) right over the top of the screw in addition to all the rest:

The result, which will need some sanding:

I also shaved off the corners of the legs (which are cut down to 17.5″) for decorative purposes using a miter and bevel cut on the miter saw.  That means I rotated the blade to the left or right (miter) and then leaned it over (bevel).  What a crummy pic taken on my phone because my camera’s battery went dead.

Sanded those cuts and the edges to round them a little bit.

Then I decided on the spacing for the drawer openings.  I wanted a little bit of the 2×2 to extend beyond the bottom the last drawer to look like it was a part of the leg.  I chose to use a 1×3 for the drawer front since that will work with what I’ve got so far.  The drawers will not be deep, but neither are Pottery Barn’s (theirs drawers are 3″).  I will also only have 2 drawers so that I have plenty of room for the only vent in the room to do its job.

I always lay things out as a dry run:

I attached these with pocket holes.  I used the 3/4″ setting, even though these are deeper.  I’m attaching with glue and these won’t see any weight on them, so I went with the 1 1/4″ screws I already had on hand.

All attached with pocket holes.

This one was a little harder to make sure it was square throughout.  I think I’m going to put some of these easy-to-clamp-into-a-corner thingamajigs on my Christmas list.  I’ve got them pinned on Pinterest:

I don’t even want the clamps, just the corner thingy.  And wow!  I just discovered that these are on sale for $5.99 a piece, down from $11.99 at when I went to retrieve this picture.  Maybe I won’t be waiting until Christmas!

I’ll be cutting out the drawers today.  If that goes smoothly, I’ll be close to done!  But first I need to head over to Rockler…