We interrupt this PB knockoff…

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

I got some work done on the bedside stand yesterday with some drawn up plans:

But in the middle of making some of the cuts, My Man came out to see what I was up to and discovered this:

Now I know you are thinking “How shocking!” in a rather sarcastic way, but hear me out.  We’re under a raccoon invasion and this is the last place we want them to be.

We always have some raccoons through the summer months eat the scraps the cats leave in their bowls at the end of the night.  But this year it’s gone beyond that.  It started when my friend was throwing a surprise bday party for her husband and stashed some of the food in our garage for the night.  Which we leave cracked open for the cats.  Which allowed the masked bandits easy access to a couple of packages of hamburger buns.

Then they decided catfood scraps weren’t enough, they wanted the bag and bin in the garage closet.  Once that went into the house, they went for the trash can, which had not been fastened closed.  Next night they managed to pull a bag of garbage through the side of the fastened lid of the can!  It was still fastened the next day, people!

In the middle of all the food escapades, they were also chewing holes in the cat beds, digging in all the mulch in the flower beds, digging holes in the bags of dirt I have in the garage for the flower pots…

But now they might be/have been in our garage attic.  This. is. not. good.  So all construction stopped early last night so we could set up this:

See how high up that is??!!  We had to get the big ladder to even look around up there (I say we–I just held the ladder and kept saying “Now what are we going to do again, if that raccoon goes for your face?”–I never got a clear answer to that question btw).

My Man sprinkled baby powder on the steps so we can see if anything is going up or down, we took the cats inside for the night, closed the doors, and baited the live trap with a bun and peanut butter.  We do, after all, know that it has a taste for buns already.  And we couldn’t fit the garbage can in there.

Nothing happened last night, but we’re trying again tonight, just in case.  If it is up there, it can’t not come down any more than that, can it?  Water?  Food?  It’s HOT up there!