Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn inspired} Bedside table post 1

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I’m procrastinating again. That usually means I’m unsure about something. A few days ago it was finding 2×2 boards that were NOT furring strips. I don’t know how anyone finds a straight furring strip, they certainly don’t exist in my corner of the world. I’m going for this look:

I need the 2x2s for the corners. I thought about cutting a 2×4 down to size, but I don’t have a table saw and cutting a small strip like that presents its own challenges with a circular saw.

Square dowels? Couldn’t find it in the 2×2 (or 1.5″ x 1.5″ dimensions) I needed.

Use pressure treated deck rails? Prefer not to use treated lumber, even if it will be painted.

Finally found these poplar 2x2x3′ poplar blanks in the hobby board section of Lowes for just over $5:

Home Depot and Lowes!! Please make your search capabilities better on your websites!! I went to list the price on these for you readers, and I couldn’t even find them online knowing that Lowes carries them. It makes me wonder what else is there that I can’t find.

Now for the legs. Unfinished legs are EXPENSIVE online. Especially if you want anything at all fancy. I could have spent right around a hundred dollars on just the four legs alone. And they don’t generally come in pine. If anyone has a source for inexpensive, paint-grade, pine legs, please fill me in!! So it was off to Lowes and Home Depot for me. Home Depot was a bust for table leg variety, but Lowes had a little more choice. Here’s what I came home with and they were right around $5 a leg:

The variety expands if you order online, but I like to be able to see what I am getting. These may end up being too long and I might need to go with an online choice because they had quite a few lengths in this style available with store pickup.

I went with this style bedside table due to this problem in Pip’s room:


I also think it needs some furniture in there that doesn’t feel as heavy since the built-in bookshelves and the bed are heavy visually.

I contemplated going with the country pine legs (in a longer length) like the ones I used on the bench

and just putting one drawer in the front. That would have been a very easy build, but I would have spent $60 on the legs alone. I’ve got leftover ply and boards from the bed build and I want to go as cheap as I can. And to be honest, I want more drawers.

After seeing what is out there, I’m trying to not want a lathe so I can make my own project legs. I see a future Etsy shop…Pine Legs by Pink Toes. Wouldcha buy from me?

Now to neatly circle back to my original mention of procrastination. I want to spray the finish on this project, but I don’t have a great place to accomplish that. See what has inspired this line of thinking here. I also read another blogger posting about their Wagner sprayer in a link party which featured their finished piece, but I don’t have that link anymore. I did pin their particular Wagner sprayer on my “Products I Might Want To Purchase” board on Pinterest though. My cousins (Hi Jackie and Chris!) sprayed a dresser that turned out beautifully a few years ago as well, which I suppose is what has been cooking in the back of my mind for quite awhile. I already bought the Woodcraft HVLP gravity fed attachment for our large compressor, but for some reason I’m hesitant. Procrastinating.

The garage is a logical place, but My Man is quite particular (that’s not a complaint, honey) and I will be stressed about overspray the whole time. I suppose I can buy out the plastic sheets at Walmart and give it a go…

Anyone have a solution to my predicament?

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