Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} Drawer fronts

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The end is near!  No, I do not believe that because the Mayans stopped their calendar in 2012 that THE end is near, the end of this build is near!

The drawer fronts are on and the way that I built them is a perfect example of why two heads are better than one.  I had planned on constructing them the same way as the pocket hole doors I made for the built-ins which involved miter joints, rabbets with the router, and glue up time.  My Man was talking with me about the drawer fronts and it was like we were speaking in tongues–neither of us could figure out what the other was talking about.  I was talking about rabbets and he was assuming I was going to build them the easy way.  Here is what he was talking about (and I felt like an idiot after I realized that this was WAY less complicated and worked just as well):

Glue and nail some 1×3’s to the front of the drawer.  <duh>

It does have to have some precision. Here’s how  I did it.

Give everything a good once over with some 220 grit sandpaper. My finish sander makes quick work of that job. I made sure to get the top edges of the plywood on the drawer really well–even rounded their edges just a bit since these will have people contact.

Cut two 1x3s the width of the opening with 1/8″ space on BOTH sides. I made the space larger than I would normally for an inset drawer front because of the play in the drawer glides (don’t want it to nick the sides). Because this is a larger project, it looks proportional.

I cut some 1/8″ shims to use to get the equal spacing. Place one in each front corner.

Dry fit the drawer front to look for anything you can fix before it’s too late and to choose the sides with no mars in them.

Put glue on the first (bottom) piece. None on edges because they won’t have anything behind them to glue to.

Check that you have equal spacing.

Glue first side.

Glue second side.

Nail the boards into place, taking care to not nudge them out of alignment. Sometimes the glue in their allows it to slide around kinda easy.

I also put 1×2 support cleats on today. I used glue and screws for that after marking down 3/4″ from the top. The support boards get attached to these. I cut the support boards from misc. scrap from this project and others. What a great way to use up some of those pieces!

Suports for the mattress

It is looking like a finished piece!  And then I had to go and do this:

First coat of primer on!

Reveal should be coming in no time.  But I need to find some great hardware!  I wasn’t crazy about the selection I looked at today.

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