Pretty in Pink {Pottery Barn knock off bed} Drawers

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Woodworking Tutorials

The drawers are built and are in!

And I no longer like drawer glides.  I should have only had 12 to put in (2 for each drawer).  For one drawer alone, I had to redo it 3 times.  Both sides.  And that wasn’t the only problem I had!  If I had not done inset drawers, I probably wouldn’t have had some of the problems.  But they were relatively easy fixes, and I’m now happy with them.

Here’s how I constructed the drawers.  There ARE better ways, but this is what I used and hopefully they will prove to hold up over time.

I used a scrap piece of plywood under it so I knew I had a flat surface.

Dry fit all pieces together, with bottom in at the bottom…of course. Loosely clamp.

Take off one end and apply a bead of glue on sides only (leaving bottom for later).

Clamp it up and check for square in both corners with your square.

ONE nail in each corner. You want to still be able to manipulate the sides.

One nail for these corners too.

Flip it over now, taking out the bottom. Leave the clamps on.

Square up the opposite sides (or all 4 if you have the clamps and braces for it). I made up my own with a square and a combination square and clamps.

Nail the clamped edges.

Repeat for other 2 corners

Bead of glue on all edges of bottom.

Flip it over again and put bottom in.  You may have to “convince” it a little.

Keep checking for square and nail all edges of bottom. I had to use some longer clamps to pull the edges together. That’s what you get with circular saw cuts that aren’t perfect.

This is the front of the drawer. Notice it is inset so the nails go into the side of it. That’s so you aren’t pulling it away from the sides when you open the drawer. The bottom gets more support because of this too–rather than nailing up through the bottom. Make sense?

Drawers in their spots. No glides yet though.

I got the drawer fronts cut, but not together yet.  Construction is almost complete!

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