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Here is a recent comment on Pink Toes:

I’ve only worked on small wood working projects. I’m intimidated by the larger ones because I also think I’ll need an set of extra hands to help hold things. Do you build alone?

And my response:

For the most part I do build alone. I need help with 4×8 sheets of plywood until I get them on the 2x4s I use to cut them with the circular saw and at the point when the project needs to be in the room it is built for–but both of those things you would expect to need more than one person ;) Clamps are a wonderful, wonderful woodworking tool and you can never have enough. Unfortunately when starting out, it is hard to get the amount you need! I’m slowly building my collection and they are so helpful as extra “hands”.

With this in mind, I had to tell you about this deal I found at Home Depot on some clamps.  I was looking at more of the Irwin Quick Grips that I already had.  They are about $20 for a pack of 6″ clamps.  Look at what I found for $25:

This $25 set includes the two 6″ clamps set that you pay $20 for!!  You get 6 more clamps for $5 more dollars.  I am no math genius, but that seems to add up to some worthwhile savings.

I’ll do a post soon about the clamps that I have and what I use them for.  But I wanted to make sure that I told you about this deal, in case it is some special thing they don’t carry all the time.

Getting some serious progress done on the Pottery Barn knock off bed–will post soon!

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