Pretty in Pink {PB Knock Off bed} Day 1

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

I am excited with how much I got done on the first day!

I spent an afternoon before this cutting out the plywood.  Today I cut the front edges out of 1x2s, mitering the corners for the foot bench (these are basically 3 benches that the bed sits on).  Then I got some more experience on the router when I rounded off the top edge on all the 1x2s.

Then I used pocket holes and glue to attach the 1x2s to the plywood tops.

These photos have some funky color to them.  I forgot to reset the white meter back to daylight from the photos of the built-ins the night before.

Pocket holes and glue attached the bench sides.  The end bench sides need to be inset by 3/4″ on the front and side to account for the face frame coming later.  I used a scrap of 1×2 to make sure it would be flush, rather than relying on my tape measure.

I needed the center divider for the bench to be a double thickness of plywood so I straightened the edges, clamped it, and countersunk four screws on each side to keep it together.  The reason I need 1 1/2″ thickness is for the drawer glides that I will be attaching later.  I need to shim from the divider out past the face frame and the face frame is a 1×3 (2.5″).  If the divider is 1.5″ and the face frame in front of it is 2.5″, then I can use a 1/2″ scrap of plywood to shim the sides for the glides.  Make sense?  Ahhh, now I realize I need to change the camera settings.  Much better.

Attached with glue and pocket holes on one side.  Once the bottom is on, I didn’t have room to screw in the pocket holes, so I countersunk some screws to attach that end.

I was checking for square throughout this entire process for each joint since I’ll be putting in drawers.

I only worked on the foot bench instead of all three because I wanted to get the process down on one.

More progress tomorrow!