Pretty in Pink: {PB Knock-off bed} The Plans

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Happy Independence Day!!  I hope you are enjoying this holiday.

So this is how I roll.  I decide I want to do something.  Then I research it to death.  Find some inspiration and instruction and maybe a plan and then decide that if I change it just a little, it would be perfect. Hence, it becomes more tricky to execute and I feel unsure about it.  So I ponder, and plan, and sketch it out to death.  And then I eventually do it.  I’m at the “do it” part.

I have spent HOURS modifying the plans that Ana White has already drawn up.  She has knock off plans for the Pottery Barn Stratton Bed.  And hers are good plans.  I’m sure I would be very happy with that bed if I built it.  But look closely at the PB version–the extra details are lovely and I really, really want them.  Routed edges.  Extra trim on the end boxes.  Higher bottom trim.  And so began the modifications.

And this is where I’m at.  I’ve even got the drawers drawn up, but I’m not including those because the dimensions will likely change from the drawing.  I’ll wait until the frames are built before I finalize them.

**Disclaimer!!!  I include my drawings as a way to see my planning process, not as directions!  I would feel SO bad if I caused someone to have to by another sheet of plywood because the cut was wrong!  I double check as I go, and often will have to make corrections during a build that are not necessarily changed on the sketches.  I recommend using Ana’s plans and figuring out what you need to change with sketches of your own.   In the process you will understand your build far better before you even cut the first board.

It is a sickness people.  Why can’t I just sketch it out on a dinner napkin and call it done?  The only benefit I can see is that I understand every part of the build before I start.  I don’t feel comfortable until I do, and that’s why I have to spend so much time.  Maybe once I’ve got more experience I can graduate to the napkin.

You should see all of the drafts I did before I got to this point!  And Pottery Barn needs to add a way to zoom into their pictures.  And get that comforter off the bed!!  Being able to see the entire frame would have been helpful as I kept going back to the picture during the planning.

Can’t wait to see some progress on this!

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