Before we even began discussing having a third baby, I decided I would like to attempt to learn quilting. A custom made quilt would be the perfect addition to a new baby. What better thing to start on than a small crib quilt?

A few years later we decided to add a baby to the quilt. We found out that we were having a girl, but always cautious about the accuracy of that foretelling, I painted the room a neutral green to match the quilt. AFTER she was born (they were right!) I added a flower border to girlie it up a little:

Please only notice the flower border. And not how the duvet cover doesn’t match when we moved up to a big girl bed. Or all the “special things” (can’t call it junk, she gets upset) covering the dresser. The shelves behind the bed are staged real nice (not).

I was also trying out different room configurations when I was snapping these pictures.

I used regular old acrylic paint in the small dollar or two bottles to match the quilt and I bought four foam stamps in the flower shape–one for each color of paint I was using. There is no pattern, I winged it as I went. After stamping it all on the wall, I added a freehand vine pattern in dark green. The wall around the windows goes up into a peak, so on that wall I just did a grouping at each corner of the window:

It took some time, but I think it turned out really well and I liked it better than any wallpaper border. And it was super cheap.

But now it is painted to match the duvet cover on her twin bed.

Freshaire Choice in Pink Reef

She and I were both a little sad to cover up the flowers. But I told her they would always be there, just covered up. Made us both feel better 🙂

Do you have sentimental issues when you change things up in your home?

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