Pretty in Pink: Post 3 {pocket hole cabinet doors}

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mitered corner cabinet doors

I don’t know why it is proving to be so difficult to begin this post in an interesting way!  I have began and deleted 4 different beginnings, so now I give up and you just get this.  Definitely the worst one.

My last attempt at doors was the built-in cabinet in the laundry room:

These were not difficult–but then again, you’ll recall that they do not actually open either.  Since they hide the litter box, I didn’t feel it was necessary to look inside from the front!  This current built-in needs working doors.  And I am very happy with how they turned out.

I used 1x3s for the door frame.  First I learned how to use the router table that my stepdad provided for me.  I used a straight bit to rabbet out a spot to fit a 1/4″ plywood back.  Then I cut a miter corner for each door and attached with pocket holes.

Then I cut a 1/4″ plywood back and glued it on.

“Weighting” for the glue to dry. I crack myself up.

mitered corner cabinet doorsThe finished doors!  I puttied all dings, etc.

I didn’t bother plugging the pocket hole on these, although that would have improved the appearance on the back.  If you don’t have a router, you could just attach the plywood back directly to the 1x3s and account for that thickness in the shelves you put in the cabinet.

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