Pretty in Pink: Post 1 {before pictures}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

She gets it from me.  Every little bit of messiness that she has come right from my DNA.  Her father is neat as a pin.  I have never once had to pick up his dirty clothes from the floor and I have never tripped over shoes he has removed and left lay.  But he has tripped over mine…

Here is what I am currently tackling:

The room looked more “decorated” last fall before I took down some things from the wall to paint it the current color.  I knew I was going to be redoing it all sometime, I was just a little over-optimistic about when I would actually get to it!  I probably should have put it all back up until I started.

But at long last I am beginning Her Room.  I’m nearing completion on phase 1, some built-ins that I am trying to finish painting–the finishing work takes forever, but I am REALLY excited about phase 2–a Pottery Barn knock off for her bed!!

I keep getting interrupted from this project also–things like mulch, and before you lay down the mulch you have to divide daffodils, and then you might decide to rip out a couple of shrubs in the back of the house while you’re at it, and then you have to replace those with 5 new  ones, and then that all needs re-edged–so I was working hard between each new layer of paint on the built-ins.  And you’ll recall that I mentioned downsizing the garden this year.  That has meant moving around raised beds and all the dirt in them, tilling…no wonder I’m tired.

Stay tuned for big changes in the Pretty in Pink room!