Board & Batten {post 5} The reveal!

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Done!  The board and batten is done!

I’m going to admit something other blogs may never do–I had an evening with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I had most of it up and I wasn’t loving it.  Literally a sick stomach.  I was SO SO SO sure that I was going to be absolutely bonkers in love with this when I was done and I wasn’t feeling that.  It felt too busy in that smaller space, and I was thinking that maybe I should have stuck with just an accent wall of it.

But it was mostly up, so I completed it, caulked it, filled the nail holes, sanded, and painted.  And ate some Tums.  I was liking it better, but I was also afraid that I was just trying to talk myself into liking it.  Once I pulled up the blue tape on the floor I was feeling better about it.  I started clearing out the mess of tools and miscellaneous clutter that happens during a remodel and felt better yet.  Then I put the light switch covers back on and was well on the way to really liking it.


Remember what it looked like before.  I can’t believe the difference!

Still haven’t decided on a solution for this:

You know those situations in the movies when there are really good friends who then realize they are starting to have stronger feelings than friendship, but they aren’t quite sure they are in love yet?  Well that’s where I am in my relationship with the board and batten.

I need to be away from it for awhile and then come home to it with a fresh perspective.  Then I’ll know if it’s like or love.

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