Board and batten {post 3}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

Well this project was just flying along when I finally hit a snag!  The laundry room is right off our kitchen, so we put in pocket doors that would enable us to close off the laundry room due to noise or to lock in these two at night:

Sure, they look all innocent and cute here, but it’s not cute when the tiger one jumps on your head at 2 am.  Why does he jump on your head you ask?  Well that happens to be where the pillow is.  Which he thinks is his.  So in the laundry room they go.

Back to the pocket doors–these doors are housed behind this wall here:


I nailed up the top board and didn’t discover until I was going to close the door to lock up the cats for the night, that the 2″ nails I used went through the board, the stud, and just grazes the door as it slides in and out.  Sigh.  Now I must remove the board to get those nails out without injury to the mdf.  That’s possible, right?

Anyway, this project really does feel like it is flying together (knock on wood).  And it was so inexpensive!!  I can’t believe the change I could accomplish with a $25 sheet of mdf, paint, and nails.  Here’s some pics from yesterday:

This was unable to find my husband so I guess it was working ok–he was at work when I was looking…


Batten ready to go up

I angled just a bit of the batten at the end that meets the base moulding. The batten is 1/2″ thick and the moulding is about 1/4″, so I angled it back just a bit. I liked that better than a 45 degree cut off the whole bottom.

Where top rails met, I made sure I thought about which board should go up first, put that one up, and then measured for the next board. It makes more work than taking all measurements and then cutting all at once, but you end up with way more precise cuts. Also, avoid using your tape measure whenever you can!! Hold the board up to the spot and mark it there. Works WAY better!