Board and Batten {post 2}

By Pinktoesandpowertools | Progress Posts

Well I’ve sat here trying to think of a great way to start this post, and I’m at a loss.  My brain is tired–I have just started a project that will last the next 10 weeks (nope, not the board and batten project!) and it’s not DIY, so I can’t even blog about it.  AND I am obviously taking on the board and batten at the same time.  I always have more energy in theory than reality.

So I’ve gotten some stuff done on the board and batten in the last day.  Went to Lowes and got the 1/2″ mdf and had the nice man cut them in 8′ strips–4 at 4″ and 14 at 2″.  That left me with about a 3″ extra strip.  The cuts aren’t perfect, but I think they will do.  I hope.  I haven’t done anything with them yet, except this:

I had to sand them on the cut sides, prime them, sand them again on the three painted sides, and prime again.  I assembly line painted the edges:

My advice: pinch them all together where you are rolling the paint on and use a rather dry roller.  This will prevent the paint from seeping onto the fronts as much.  You still have to lay it down and quickly roll the extra paint that gets on the front so that you don’t end up with a thick lip there, but you would have to do that if you paint them individually anyway.  This makes it a little quicker.  I used a foam roller and it makes them really smooth with no brush marks:

Draw the line where your top board will be.  I marked it, drew it, and then checked to make sure it was level.  If you look close you can see the pencil line:

Then I painted my first coat of paint.  I didn’t have enough primer so I used what I thought was my paint color.  Turns out I cannot rely on my brain to remember what color our trim is.  I knew it wasn’t a “fancy” color, just a premixed color you can grab off the shelf.  I thought it was ultra white (which bothers me–doesn’t that seem like a color that would make you squint when you walk into a room?).  But I though I remembered thinking that while holding up a paint swatch and it being a perfect match to our existing trim.  Guess what?  It does make you squint and it ain’t our trim color.  We are just plain ole white.  Minus the ultra.  Which I have a whole gallon of.  On the wall.  And it’s pretty white.  Well not pretty like Pretty Woman, but like “a whole lotta” white.  Guess what I’m going to go buy tomorrow?

I still haven’t decided on a top trim piece.  Nothing was working in the store.  I will probably end up with a small piece of lattice on top with some cove under it, but I am concerned about knocking heads and miscellaneous body parts on the pieces that stick out.    There are a lot of corner to hit in this room.  I’d like to know where some of the people out there in blogland got their top trim because I don’t see anything like it when I go looking.

I will also be choosing a different color for the top part of the wall.  I’ve got it narrowed down to about 200 different swatches.

You think I’m kidding.