The view from our “front” door {post 18} More pictures

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I was so excited to just get the cabinet post on here that I didn’t really take a lot of pictures of it.  Here are some more detailed photos and information now that I’ve settled down 🙂  I’ve also got it decorated a little and it has some of the library books on it to be returned (one of the reasons it was built in the first place).  I’ll probably change the stuff on it in time, but what is on there works for now and I already had it in other places, so it was free.

Some of you are reading this a second time–sorry for the duplication.  I added some photos and information to yesterday’s post because I linked to that post from Ana White’s site and a couple of link parties.  I wanted all the information in that one post.  But I also knew some of you had read yesterday’s already, so I’m putting this new post in for you.  (are you still with me????)

Close up of cabinet


Oil rubbed bronze to match the door hardware I painted

Oil rubbed bronze to match the door hardware I painted

Close up of crown moldingThe crown molding is actually casing (I think).  I know it wasn’t crown molding.  I wanted something flat for this, I’m not sure why that was.  It will eventually be changed out with the crown molding I want to put in this room–it will wrap around the hutch.

Base moldingThe base molding turned out great–the quarter round needs to be sanded yet to meet perfectly.  I used a piece of original with another I bought, and they didn’t match in height perfectly.  Gonna sand the wood filler before I do the painting for the board and batten.

Litter boxAnd here’s a sneak peek at the back–remember I’m not done yet–but this is how I hid the litter box.  I might turn it sideways and cut a hole in the side (probably will do this).  That was the plan, but the birthday party preparations prevented that happening yet.

Hutch filledNot 100% satisfied with the arrangements yet, but it’ll do for now.